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Donation BaseOutdoor Yoga
Every Day 12pm
Ohlone Park Near Hearst & Mcgee Ave
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:Recurring Classes Below:


Mellow Monday


Donation based 60min all levels Vinyasa Yoga

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

Start the week of with a balanced all level practice. Mat work, chest openers, low back stretches, Hip opening, Lengthening and Balancing......A little of everything. Energizing but not strenuous.​ 

A mix of familiar and new practices will keep you engaged but still centered.

Teacher: Serena Gafford

Gentle Yoga.jpg

Tuesday Gentle Yoga

Donation based 60min Gentle Yoga 

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

Come settle, stretch, and Breathe in the park. Practice taking a break and caring for your self with soft stretches and twists. 


Breathe open your body, Create circulation and Open up neuro-pathways to balance the mind/body. 

Teacher: Maggie


Wednesday Vinyasa Reset

Donation Based 60min All-levels Vinyasa

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

Balanced mix of Movement, Lengthening, Postures Holds, and Mindfulness. This class is super accessible and always feels light and free. Familiar postures enable you to be super present, Gently transition and Settle in to each pose while staying with your breath. Energizing while feeling smooth and calm.

Teacher: Marlo Miller


Thursday Vinyasa


Donation Based 60min All-levels Vinyasa Flow

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

Bring yourself to your mat, Become present, and Move and Flow your way through this Vinyasa sequence based practice. Connect your breath with your movement while transitioning through Full body lengthening, Opening, and Strengthening poses. Accessible but challenging at times. It's all about how you breathe into it.

Teacher Britt

Lincoln - Dancer Pose.jpeg

Friday Flowdown

Donation Based 60min All levels Vinyasa Flow

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

Finish your week out with this flow based Vinyasa sequence with smooth tempo, Traditional poses and Balancing. Great class for practicing your yoga in worry free and non-judgemental way. This class makes yoga feel doable as a daily practice and let you learn fun variations and challenge yourself as well.

Teacher; Lincoln Adler


Saturday Power Flow

Donation Based 75min Intermediate Level Power Vinyasa

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

This class will take you through the entire experience of becoming centered, Getting into your body, Opening, Lengthening, Strengthening, Breathing, Moving, Flowing, Holding, Balancing, Softening, Settling, and Being. These classes are designed to move lots of energy and allow you to breathe into lots of sensations.

This is an intermediate level class and can be challenging so some yoga experience is helpful.

Teacher: Michael Giannico


Sunday Slow Flow

Donation Based 60min All-levels Slow Flow

12pm Ohlone Park @ Hearst & McGee. BKLY

This is the perfect Sunday class. all kinds of chest and neck openers. Meridian energizing postures balanced with lengthening and gentle standing poses. 

this is a great class to learn to settle and be present with your beautiful sensational self in the moment. Very enlivening and enlightening. 

Teacher: Britt

No upcoming events at the moment

Teacher contacts & Offerings


Michael Giannico

Friday 8am Yoga Stretch (45min) FREE ONLINE Zoom link here 

Sunday 9am Yoga Stretch (45min) FREE ONLINE Zoom link here 

   Register then use emailed link to get in

Available for One-on-On, In-person or online sessions. Email for info



Brittany Dallas

Mondays 8:30am In-person Live Oak Park ***

Fridays 8:30am In-person at Live Oak Park ***



Lincoln Adler



Marlo Miller



Serena Gafford



Maggie Fukuda


   *** Not an Outdoor Yoga Berkeley class. Contact teacher for payment details***


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