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7am Breathwork 30min Practice

Mondays, Wednesdays, And Fridays
No upcoming events at the moment


What's The Deal

This Practice will put you squarely into your body and energize you and calm you and finally settle you into a state of alert stillness. It’s simple, and quick and you will benefit greatly in a larger more existential way by tapping into your more primal brain and accessing the Vagus Nerve and Amygdala. Be the pilot they say.

Make sure that you have an uninterrupted half hour and try to come with open nasal passages. A Neti Pot works great and washing your face with hot water is a good quick touchup if you’re not too clogged. 

When you log in

Sit comfortably, kneel, or find a straight back chair. Somewhere safe in case of fainting 2. Clear your nose and pull out your cheeks to open the nasal valve and have tissues handy. Straighten your neck and pull your chin back slightly. We will be doing full yogic breathing (belly-ribs-chest)

Important notes: 

a. Always relax. Relax on the inhale. Definitely relax on the exhale. Relax when you breath hold out. And relax on the breath hold in. RELAX...... 

b. Dom't go for a medal. Start by just breathing slightly deeper and exhaling slightly more and increase as much as you can while staying free of tension 

c. Keep your thought focused on the breath and when holding, focus on sensations, or overall state. 


d. If you get dizzy at any time during class just breathe however you need to and gently come back to the practice. You will feel all sorts of new sensations, be alert but do not be afraid. This is normal and expected.

Here is the actual Practice 

1. 4sec in 4sec out breathing (nasal inhale, exhale with ahhhh) 3 min These breaths will start the person into full breathing and will energize and balance co2 The “ahhhhhh” will stimulate the vegas nerve. They will also start to expand the lungs and allow for greater gas exchange. 

2. 4sec in, with release breaths for 2 ½ min, then exhale hold for 30 sec, then inhale hold for 10. (repeat 3 full cycles. Approx 10min (This is called Tummo or Wim Hoff) These breaths will be hypoxic breathing and will lower co2 exciting the body producing adrenaline, cortisol, and other exciting and healing body chemicals. It also will flood the vital organs due to mild vasoconstriction of the extremities. 

3. 4sec in, 10sec exhale breaths or 5in and 15out. (Lengthen exhale breaths by using whisper in back of throat) 5 min This technique will cause higher co2 levels and vasodilation, lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and creating better cellular metabolism by aiding in oxygen transfer to individual cells. Arteries will open wide open and these breaths will be a great flush.

4. Finish with gentle in and release breaths. Roughly 5sec in, 5sec out. for 2min or remaining time. These breaths will calm and rebalance the mind, body, heart rate, and blood ph leaving you in a state if calm centered alertness.

Sometimes I will adjust the sequence slightly during class but generally this is what we will be doing. See you there.


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