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Michael Giannico

 I love teaching yoga and helping facilitate mindfulness for the purpose of emotional self-management and serenity. It is an integral part of my recovery that I wish to share. Teaching outdoors is so gratifying. Community, Health, and Sun. Email me here for individual zoom or outdoor classes.

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Brittany Bryant

Being an athlete most of my life yoga was always a part of my at home recovery routine. After suffering some injuries Yoga was the only thing that brought me back into my body. Allowing me to feel whole again. Now through teaching I hope to help others find comfort in their own body and on their mat.

Margaret Sun

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I completed my 200hr Teacher Training through Yoga to the People and I am currently finishing up a 300hr Teacher Training. I was first drawn to yoga as a way to stay active when I injured my knee. After 3 surgeries, yoga is one of the few exercises that makes my body feel good! I love teaching yoga so that students can feel connected to their breath and body. I make my sequences challenging with room for modifications and variations to suit your practice.

Marlo Miller

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I came to this yoga practice during a time of high stress and anxiety in my life. Through the connection of mind, body, and breath, I found an amazing tool for mental health and human connectivity. I feel so grateful to share this tool as my service. I love constructing active and dynamic sequences that are accessible and challenging.

I maintain a light-hearted (quite silly), and supportive energy for the students.

Additional Offerings:

  • Available for One-on-One, In-person sessions. Email for info.

Lincoln Adler

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Living the dual life of yoga teacher and musician has inspired me to combine the lyrical and rhythmic aspects of music with the breathing and body movements of my yoga students. I love the teaching process, and strive to help my students find peace, strength and harmony in their practices.

Maggie Fukuda

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For me, Yoga offers stillness, tranquility, balance, grounding, and connection to the presence among the flowing chaos of the world. I hope to inspire peace of mind while contributing to meaningful causes. My classes blend mindful strength and flexibility, weaving in elements of Hatha and Yin themes into flows, in order to release tension in the body and mind. In Gentle Yoga, there is a focus on slowing down, being kind to our joints, and modifications for everyone, whether you are 8 to 80+ years young. I hope to invite you to discover your strength, restore energy and connect to the present on and off the mat. 


Amy Bergstein

I am a  200 hour RYT, Qigong Practitioner, and Creative Movement Instructor offering integrative classes that facilitate the mind-body connection.  As a traveler with a background in the arts, yoga has remained an inner home I carry wherever I go.  I encourage students to explore movement through imagination, curiosity, and playfulness.

Olivia Lemonides

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Born and raised in fast paced NYC, I started practicing yoga at fourteen years old as it helped me slow down by teaching mindfulness and presence. I completed my teacher training in 2016 through OM Factory and have been sharing my passion for yoga since, gathering inspiration from philosophy, my surroundings and students.


Yoga is a way of life that teaches compassion and gratitude, it is so much more than a physical practice. I am humbled by and thankful for the opportunity to guide others and share the life changing techniques of yoga that have given me so much. My classes inspire collective well being through guided meditation, breath work and mindful movement. 

Karen Ting

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A lover of movement whether it is boogieing in the grocery aisles, dance floor or on the yoga mat. Creating different shapes with my body has and continues to be one of the things that I treasure most in life. Being in spaces watching and helping others find shapes has only intensified this love. I’m a 200hr trained vinyasa teacher that believes the only things you need to “do” yoga is the willingness to explore and the willingness to be kind to yourself. Everything else will find its place. When I’m not bouncing to a tune or teaching yoga, you can catch mesomewhere belting out an old school R n B song, fawning over my 2 pups, loving up on some good coffee, drawing on things. I’m excited to be a new addition to OutdoorYogaBerkeley, join me for a Vinyasa Flow on alternate Thursdays. Disclaimer: I cannot promise there won’t be a lame joke or two but do expect some dance breaks during class!! 



Morgan Koblick

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Mindfulness and meditation practice began for me in middle school. Years later, I found yoga and I immediately felt comforted and at home in a yoga studio. I dove deeper into my practice during times of my life that felt unstable. The welcoming atmosphere, community and mind-body connection is what led me to become a yoga teacher. My education includes a Master's in Counseling and 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Additionally, I work as a school counselor and yoga instructor at a high school with students in Richmond. My approach is vinyasa, through a therapeutic lens. During my classes, I teach yoga as a tool to create space between your self, your thoughts, and your emotions. I cannot wait to see you in beautiful Berkeley, as we connect on our collective journeys of embodiment. 


Miriam Shipp

My style of yoga is therapeutic, for mind and body healing.  After training in martial arts as a young adult, I began my yoga journey in 2004, and began teaching gentle mindful yoga in 2008.  I love the way yoga connects the mind, body, and spirit.