Sensations, Stories, and Triggers.



Emotions are physical sensations and physiological states with stories attached. Many stories can be attached to similar sensations, so processing through a small number of  sensations can untangle and release many different stories.


Thoughts and Stories

Stories or Thoughts are not reality. Some say “You are not who you think you are” What you are is this moment right now. The only reality is this one pressing against you right now. Your present moment experience. Anything else does not exist. Every story you tell yourself is false. The past is gone and the future has yet to happen so “be here now”



Thoughts and stories bring up sensations and physiological responses and the reverse is also true. Actually your body will react to events and stimulus BEFORE your conscious mind registers it as a story. This has been proven. Your body has a wisdom that has been programmed over time and will react just as it has been taught. If you think of a story from the past you can experience a lot of the physical symptoms just as if it was happening in the present. Your body doesn't always know the difference. You will get flush. You will clench your jaw, maybe get butterflies,but most likely it will feel like a state that can't necessarily be described but can be felt with awareness.

 As previously stated the reverse is also true and  You can create physical sensations to bring up old thoughts and stories causing “emotions”. Yoga is a great way to do this. Both of these processes can be useful for processing old programming. 


The Mind

Your mind does not exist only in your head. No-one can say for sure where exactly your mind exists. As of now we understand the mind to be your entire nervous system which makes your mind and body one thing. Hence the mind/body connection. Memories, traumas, programming, and your “personality” are everywhere in your body and nowhere at the same time. By cultivating greater body awareness you can get to know yourself better. 

Lets say you have 200 volts of electricity bouncing around in your head. That would be what one may call monkey mind. You have lots of free energy that is scattered and disjointed creating thoughts and stories all of which are NOT REAL that will trigger lots of sensations and stories ad nauseum This perpetual wave of emotions all arises from something not real (Thoughts). Having an embodiment practice can greatly impact the state of your mind. By activating more of your nervous system you can now spread that 200 volts of electricity throughout your entire nervous system rather than having it bouncing around inside your skull.


There is a great phrase “get out of your head and into your body”. Your mind will be much calmer if it can be spread out through more of your nervous system. This is what it was designed for and to not have the feedback from your entire nervous system causes the mind to to get a bit uncomfortable. More nervous system feedback equals more present moment awareness and more awareness of the present moment allows the mind to be more balanced.