Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Group 

Temporarily on hold

 90 min weekly group

Sunday 7PM pst

Sliding Scale $5-$30

Zoom ID: 971 5262 4120

password: pause

In this group we will explore the idea that with awareness we can gain more freedom to choose how we respond to our environment.

We will discuss actual life events with awareness of:

  • Breath

  • Sensation

  • Thoughts (stories)

  • and the Present moment, (actual happenings)


We will fearlessly explore old emotional programming, Identify triggers and the chain of Sensations, Stories, and Reactions that follow. Then we can choose which systems work for us and which ones to upgrade or release.


We will explore:

  • The mind-body connection,

  • Emotions as sensations with stories attached

  • and The origin of thoughts and stories.

Pausing will be the most important skill. You can't fold your clothes if you are in the dryer, so pull yourself out and become the observer.