Sat, Aug 07 | Ohlone Park Near McGee ave.

Creative and Functional Sequencing Workshop 2pm-5pm

Allow yourself to expand into a more dynamic and diverse practice. From common sequencing to physiology to humor and play. We will be moving, talking, and sharing knowlede. Most of all we will be supporting each other in exploring beyond the basics and traditions. Click "Read More" for More Details
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Creative and Functional Sequencing Workshop 2pm-5pm

Time & Location

Aug 07, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Ohlone Park Near McGee ave., Hearst Ave & McGee Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703, USA

About the event

Event Details: $50.00/3hrs 

payable at event. Cash or Venmo @Outdooryogaberkeley

Registration required.

Bring movement clothes, a mat, and notebook

In this workshop we will take apart sequences and see how we can expand our creativity. We will go from basic sequence formatting, through physiology and arrive at joyful open creativity. The more we know and share with each other the more free we can be to expand this amazing practice. I will share my personal experiences, fun sequences, knowledge and philosophy and support you all in sharing and expanding yours. We will be moving and flowing as well as discussing and pondering and taking notes.

Topics will include:

  • Sharing YOUR Practice (Showing up as yourself) supporting each other with feedback. (being a Yoga teacher vs Being a person who is teaching Yoga)
  • Creating an experience and holding space at the same time. (Teaching a sequence vs teaching the students that are there)
  • Basic sequencing. Become present-warm up-postures and holds-integrate-meditate? (discussing some of the most common sequences)
  • Breathing. vasodilation vs vasoconstriction, Integrating Breathwork into the sequence. Using lungs to open the body. Breath holds and stillness. Isolating the Thoracic Spine.
  • Suryanamaskar and other Delights
  • Flowing vs holds What creatures are not represented? Why no Squirrels?
  • Peak Poses. Scaffolding, building and adding poses.
  • Cat/Cows everywhere. MEEOOOO!  (Rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus)
  • Energizing the body and mind (neuro energy vs circulation vs cellular) What the heck are you talking about MIke?
  • Having fun but not too much (open discussion on weird poses and why I/we teach them)
  • Humor and Joy as a physical release and a sign of feeling safe and connected
  • Inversions and effects of (fold, down dog, wide fold, crow, headstands.
  • Low back, Hams, Abs, Traps. (all the big energy spots)
  • Lengthening and Strengthening
    1. Passive stretches
    2. Active stretches
    3. Dynamic stretches
    4. Agonist, Antagonist relationship
    5. Golgi Tendon Organ
    6. Flex and relax stretches.
  • Fitness and Yoga (are you triggered about this?)
  • Do’s and don’ts (Common miscues, bad posture, and glitchy sequencing) I know a lot about glitchy sequences. Lets say I am an expert
  • BONUS: Worst Cue Contest and things to Never say. You know you have them. And we will SAY THEM!!!

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