Weekend Harbin Retreats

Next Retreat Fri May 20th - Sun May 22nd 

Affordable and convenient weekend getaways to help center you and balance your nervous system. Natural hot springs, Yoga, Breathwork, and quiet. REGISTER HERE

Join us for 3 days at the beautiful Harbin Hot Springs for a rejuvenating reset. Harbin is located just two hours from Berkeley in Middletown Ca. and feels like a different world. The quiet atmosphere and hot pools will allow your nervous system to relax. Here are a few highlights of the retreat.

Warm pools to relax your body

Hot and cold pools to build nervous system resilience

Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation included.

Friday 7pm Breathwork
Saturday12pm Yoga in the garden
Saturday 7pm Yoga Nidra
Sunday 10am Meditation

Sun decks for soaking up the rays.


Amazing healthy food (not included but available)

Clothing optional. freedom to let go of judgements and attachments. Clothes are also fine

Community and connection. 

Tent packages $286.00 per person total.  Breakdown Includes Fri & Sat 24hour Pool/Camping passes. $63.00 per pass x 2 = $126.00 +  $10.00 for1month Membership to Harbin (required) =$136.00Accomodations will be booked individually through Harbin so feel free to book the weekend even if you don't do the workshops.
Breathwork, Yoga, yoga Nidra, and Meditaton paid for seperately to OutdoorYogaBerkeley for $150.00. I will contact you to secure payment once you are registered. (Food for sale at Harbin or bring your own.)

Information about Camping. (What to bring).
Camping is super simple at Harbin. There are semi private decks by the creeks as well as other creekside spots on the ground, but personally I just camp in the meadow. There is always space in the meadow and we can set up together if that sounds good. 
At minimum you will need a tent, sleeping bag, and a headlamp. (This stuff is are super affordable and availabe on Amazon) Some people sleep in their cars and others have travel vans. I personally bring  nice cushioned sleeping pad, a pillow, and actual sheets and blankets. I also bring some light snacks like rice crackers. less is more. There are absolutely no fires or cooking allowed. 
I recommend taking Friday off and getting there mid-day. I will be there late morning on Friday.

Cottages and Domes also available If thats is your thing, but Cmping is simple and recommended.

Retreat Dates:

Limit 10 participants. first come first serve
May 20th - 22nd (Registration Open) REGISTER HERE
Check Back For June and July dates..
More to come....