Mike's Weekly Schedule


8:30am-9:45am Morning Vinyasa

Flying Studios, Temescal.


!2pm 75min Vinyasa Flow.

Cedar Rose Park, Berkeley CA


5pm 75 Minute Release Flow.

Firefly Yoga Studio.



12pm-1pm All Levels Vinyasa

Cedar Rose Park, Berkeley, CA



7am-8am Mo-Flo Morning Vinyasa

Flying Studios in Temescal (Indoor)

Starts August 1st


7:30pm 60min Vinyasa Flow

Firefly Yoga Studio Berkeley(Indoor)


7am-8am Mo-Flo Morning Vinyasa

Flying Studios in Temescal (indoor) starts August 1st


6pm 60min Vinyasa Flow

Firefly Yoga Studio  Berkeley


Saturdays. No Classes (but still classy)


60 Min Vinyasa Flow.

Settle down, Warm up, flow, integrate, and settle. Recognizable postures and sequencing with different styles of music and some creative movement thrown in. This is every day Vinyasa to move energy and breath and balance the mind/body. 

75 minute Big Flow.

This class moves a lot of energy. The longer class allows for a more complete and well rounded practice allowing you to go deeper into yourself and tissues. I use recognizable and also novel movements to stimulate neuroplasticity and left/right brain integration. Deep calm breathing and awareness, while oipening neuro-pathways to create deep sensations will expand your tolerance range for somatic feedback (emotional stability) and let you “be the pilot” of your experience. This class is a flow type class with posture holds, inversions, sillines, and breathwork included. Sometimes I will target specific areas more than others and other times I will balance it out. Usually there is a peak pose or 3. 


45 min stretch. 

Every day stretching and breathing. Low-back, Hips, Psoas, Sidebody, Hamstrings, Chest, Neck, Hip Flexors, with gentle core work included to balance the low-back stretch. This is stuff people can do every day, especially when not in class, to easily continue their practice off the mat and counteract the effects of sitting, driving, hunching, holding tension in their shopulders, serving, working, etc...Don't be fooled it's powerful and essential stuff.

Morning Mo-Flo.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga designed for mornings to lengthen and invigirate. Balance and release tension. Increase respratoty volume and circulation to the joints and far corners of the body and nervous system. morning yoga for me is the most impactful physically and connecting with myself and Sangha helps me feel spiritually grounded and heartful. 

75 Minute Sunday Release Flow 

Traditional postures and flows combined with nice long holds to soak you into to each moment cultivating somatic awareness with each Breath. Smooth transitions and repeated in and out movements will give you the freedon to be loose, explore and let go as well. think about when you drop a spot of in into a glass of water and watch it swirl its way into being one with the clear liquid. This class will be a balanced flow to give you the opportunity to tune into your whole being. 

Dynamic and Playful Vinyasa.

Similar to my 75min Big Flow This class will really get the energy going. You will arrive into your body, gently stretch into the class, get your circulation and breath going while moving, Flow with some sun salutation variations and then we PLAY. I leave a block of time open ¾ of the way through class so that we can have a little fun and try new things. This is so much fun and I personally like to make up new poses and names. (some NSFW lol). Then we downregulate and stretch into savasanna. 


"I can't say enough about Mike Giannico.  During the pandemic when most of us were in the Wait it Out mode and trying to just get by, Mike started Outdoor Yoga Berkeley. Not only has he changed my life during the pandemic, but he has fostered a large and grateful community, too.   His style seems to work for everyone.  

There are young yogis in our class who could be teachers themselves and many older people like me and his classes seem to fit us all.  Totally accepting and non-threatening, he honors us where WE are and makes it work on all levels. And the best part of him being able to work with all shapes, sizes and ages:  

My boyfriend has never done yoga in his life but after just one class with Mike he was hooked, coming to Yoga up to 4 times a week when he can get off of work to come.

Thanks to Mike, the pandemic had some positive outcomes- we got to do yoga many times a week and I have my love of yoga I can share with my partner.

One more thing that is beyond his skill as a yoga teacher.  Mike has organized OYB from the ground up.  He has had to work with getting teachers and space for us to practice and rain and cancellations etc etc.   Most of the previous teachers I have had were good on the mat but lacked this extra skill.  Very unusual in a yoga teacher.   So an added plus for Mike:  completely reliable and organized which adds an extra level of safety and security, really important for the students.

OBY has been so helpful to me during the pandemic, thank-you Mike for your class and for our community."




"From the minute you meet Mike for class, you feel welcome, no matter what level of practice you are in. I returned to yoga after several years hiatus, feeling very rusty, and he assured me that it was a welcome space for me. Mike also challenges you- in a way that only a former New Yorker can, and it is great!" 


Chelsea Gault


"As a yoga teacher, Mike is energetic, creative and fun. His sequences are well thought out in terms of anatomy and play and challenge. Classes contain basic and novel movements that keep me engaged. My body always feels stronger and stretchier afterward."


Shanna LoPresti 


"Mike has amazing energy.  I am grateful for him organizing outdoor yoga berkeley during the pandemic, and keeping it going month after month, and even expanding it. He is an engaging and adventuresome teacher and his yoga classes are never dull or boring.  He truly cares about his students and will willingly stay after class to demonstrate or adjust."


perrin meyer 


"Mike’s yoga class does to my body what springtime does to the cherry blossoms. Amazing flow, sequences, and stretches."




"Mike is a wonderful yoga teacher! I actually don't like yoga teachers very often. They tend to trigger me. Because of that I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that I liked Mike's class. He knows what he's doing, he has good leadership. His class is active, balanced and dynamic. I love taking yoga from Mike!"


Mirabai Commer


"Mike is an incredibly dynamic and fun teacher, the way he guides you through practice is nuanced and playful, challenging yet graceful. i am blessed to call him a teacher and friend. i enjoy the way he makes yoga accessible and enjoyable for all levels, and his energy and enthusiasm are contagious!"


Annie Chang.

If you want a good workout, this is your guy. I often think, "No way can I do this" but he is right there supporting me all the way, believing in me more than I believe in myself.

Susan Murphy.


About Me

I found yoga through recovery. Yoga gave me the tools to find serenety and it became my calling to shgare this practice and help others do the same. 

I founded Outdoor Yoga Berkley after the pandemic hit and I found myself struggling to stay clean and centered so after a breif hiatus from Yoga, I made a simple website and I started teaching in the park 1 day a week with a cardboard sign saying Outdooryogaberkeley.com

our first class was myself, my partner, and a friend. the next week we had 6 students and the following week there were 14 people. From there it grew and I invited my teacher friends to take over different classes as I added and built the up.

I wanted, and still do want, to have this practice be available to all and to offer a space for teachers to share their practice.

A place for everyone to come together and let go of their burdens, feel safe, and connected to others and themselves.

I hope to continue forward in life and this program with an abundance mindset and spread real love.

My style of teaching is energetic, inclusive, caring, personable. Playful as well as serious. I like to be creative and silly while teaching real practical tools that people can use off the mat. 

I strive every day to reflect and learn through my own practice so that I may show up every time for my students.

Oh and I LOVE dogs.