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4 for 4 Personalized
Yoga Instruction


What You Get


  • 4 private 90min sessions, taught by me (Mike), in the privacy of your own home or at a park (Descriptions below).

  • $400.00

  • up to 4 people

  • Handouts to use for practice between sessions

Includes preliminary call to discuss goals and other correspondence that relates to the module. up to 4 people per session. Choose from:

  • Full Body Opening

  • Low Back Relief

  • Hip Opening and Mobility

  • Chest, Neck, and Shoulders

  • Yoga for Recovery

  • Yoga for Strength and Mobility


Each module is designs to target specific aspects of Yoga practice to teach you greater body awareness, provide relief from pain and stress, and provide you with tools to maintain your body and mind. All modules will include proper breathing and awareness practices.

Sessions are 90 minutes each, and are a combined practice and discussion to give you as much actionable information as possible.  There will be handouts with lists of daily practices for you to continue with your practice between sessions and for you to continue after the 4 weeks is up.


This is a great gift for a loved one or for yourself. Venmo or Cashapp accepted. Click here for Testimonials and "about Mike"

It's my mission to empower you to care for your physical and spiritual self so that you can find more ease in your body and in your daily life.


Information and 2022 booking. Email me (Mike) at

Or fill out form below


Full Body Opening

This Module focuses on the full body yoga experience with a balanced set of postures to target the major areas of concern for most people. Tight low back, Hips, Neck and chest, Hamstrings, we will also cover Proper Breathing, Circulation, Self-awareness and nervous system regulation to aleviate anxiety, addictions and circular thoughts. This also will include daily anti-sitting stretches and practices to combat desk life and tightness from driving cars. Having this balanced daily practice WILL change your life.  4 classes/$400.00

Low Back Release

This module focuses on lengthening and opening the lumbar spine and shows you how to keep it open by training you how to properly engage your lower abdominals and lengthen hip flexors. I will also teach you the relationship between your low back, hip flexors, Quadrus Lumborum (side muscles), and glutes and how each one effects the other. Chronic low back pain is no joke and can cause needless suffering. Opening my low back has changed my life and I want to share what I have learned.  4 Classes/$400.00

Hip Opening and Mobility

This module is great for people with strong but tight hips and legs. We will practice specific sequences to gain range of motion and open the hip joint, lengthen hip flexors and strengthen glutes and hip extensors. This module also include low-back and lower abdominals. (Lowback and Hip modules can be combined since they are so closely related to each other and overlap significantly). 4 Classes/$400.00

Chest, Neck and Shoulders

This module is designed to combat posture issues like forward-head and slouched shoulders from working at a computer and using cellphones. We will open the shoulder joints, chest, and back muscles as well as strengthen and create posture awareness so we can stay open and tension free going forward. We will also do full body breathing and circulation excercises.  4 Classes/$400.00

Yoga for Recovery

This is one of the main reasons I practice and teach Yoga today and is what I consider the holy grail. This module teaches you tools to stay centered, feel safe in your body, and work through activated states using movement and breath. I will support, guide, and teach you tools to regain control of your nervous system and thoughts to make recovery a smoother and more complete process. This Module will help you start the process of rewiring your trigger patterns and disconnecting the compulsive addict wiring so that you may rewrite the programs and live with less reactivity and more serenity. 4 Classes/$400.00

Yoga for Strength and Mobility

This module is great for flexible people who are looking to gain strength in their practice. We will strengthen all areas of the body focusing on glutes, abdominals, chest, arms, and hip extensors. We will practice proper form and strength throughout the range of motion and transitions. We will also discuss low back and upper hip areas where a lot of flexible people have spasms and aches. Sequences are designed around mobility and repetition as well as holds and proper full breathing. 4 Classes/$400.00

These are all general desriptions. Classes will be tailored to each person or group.

Single Private 90min Classes $140.00 up to 4 people

Fill this out if you are interested or have questions. I will email you back shortly

Talk to ya soon!!

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