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Recovery Yoga (Donation Based)

7-8am Tuesdays

7-8am Thursdays

9-10am Sundays

Flying Studios

4834 Telegraph Ave

Oakland Ca

What is Recovery Yoga?


Recovery yoga is not a flashy yoga class for the cool kids. No prior yoga experience is necessary. This group is open with loving kindness to anyone who needs relief or just wants to start their day off centered and present. Recovery is a broad term and the bottom line is that if you are coming out of a rough time and truly looking to recover then this is your place. I myself know what it’s like to feel hopeless, helpless, addicted and discontent. I lived most of my life misaligned with my true nature and have suffered for a long time because of it. There is a way to change this and that’s why I offer this class.  These practices helped save my life. (Here's my basic philosophy)... Oh and we will also have fun too :-) Mike


Here is what we will be doing in class

  1. Class Start: Centering and becoming present using the breath and cultivating full awareness. Letting go into the moment. This is the key to interrupting years of neuro-programming that keeps us stuck in patterns that do not serve us.  (this is the goal of the practice). This ritual pose i use is child’s pose signifying birth and by repeating this practice you will train your mind to know that it’s time to settle.

  2. Slowly start opening the body using movements and stretches this will give body feedback for you to allow your awareness to be with and becoming more “self-aware”. Plus stretching will also release dopamine, a feel good chemical. 

  3. Connect the breath with bigger movements. We will start to flow and move to our big beautiful breaths. Big slow breathing will open the circulatory system, aid in cellular respiration and energize the body and nervous system. These bigger movement combined with basic folds and inversions will Further lengthen and open the body and joints which will send healthy blood to areas that have been previously under-fed. This makes your cells very happy and makes even more feel good chemicals.

  4. Deep opening and holding poses. Here is where you will create some discomfort and neuro-feedback while remaining calm and breathing steady. These sensory signals will replicate difficult and uncomfortable emotions and we will PRACTICE staying with whatever comes up with softness and steady breathing. Read This. And This. Big energetic practices will facilitate a quieter mind. It's not always roses during this section. here is a chance to really work theough some stuff.

  5. WInd down and integration. You will slow down and allow all of the energy from class to move lovingly into your entire body and give it compassionate attention. You will do passive stretches and some other things to balance yourself for the final Savasana. 

  6. Savasana. 5-10min sIlent reclined meditation where you can just be. The pose is called “Corpse Pose”. The whole class is a metaphor for life and you can practice being fully present with your entire experience with ease, helping you balance and prepare yourself to do the same off the mat. 

  7. Reading of the day. Quotes and musings for people in recovery (and definitely bad jokes).

Be on Time, Settle down, Breathe.... 

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