OYB Teachers

Michael Giannico

I Love teaching yoga and helping facilitate mindfulness for the purpose of emotional self-management and serenity. It is an integral part of my recovery that I wish to share. Teaching outdoors is so gratifying. Community, Health, and Sun. Email me here for individual zoom or outdoor classes.

Brittany Dallas

My name is Britt. Being an athlete most of my life yoga was always a part of my at home recovery routine. After suffering some injuries Yoga was the only thing that brought me back into my body. Allowing me to feel whole again. Now through teaching I hope to help others find comfort in their own body and on their mat.

Serena Ann Gafford

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Bio- Movement is medicine for your mind, body & soul. I've been practicing yoga for 8 years and dancing for 4. Yoga allows me the opportunity to quiet my mind and connect deeply to my breath and body. I love exploring how to soften and strengthen muscles in a safe and accessible way that feels amazing! Moving with presence and intention is a gift and I'm so grateful I get to share it with the world! 

Marlo Miller

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Marlo completed her 200 hour teacher training through Yoga to the People in San Francisco the of Spring 2019, and has continued to teach at Yoga to the People. She also teaches at Sangha Hot Yoga in Pacifica, as well as events across the Bay Area. She is passionate about constructing sequences that are accesible and challenging, while maintaining a light-hearted and supportive energy for the students.

Lincoln Adler

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Living the dual life of yoga teacher and musician has inspired me to combine the lyrical and rhythmic aspects of music with the breathing and body movements of my yoga students. I love the teaching process, and strive to help my students find peace, strength and harmony in their practices.

Maggie Fukuda

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For me, Yoga offers stillness, tranquility, balance, grounding, and connection to the presence among the flowing chaos of the world. I hope to inspire peace of mind while contributing to meaningful causes. My classes blend mindful strength and flexibility, weaving in elements of Hatha and Yin themes into flows, in order to release tension in the body and mind. In Gentle Yoga, there is a focus on slowing down, being kind to our joints, and modifications for everyone, whether you are 8 to 80+ years young. I hope to invite you to discover your strength, restore energy and connect to the present on and off the mat. 

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